21st ICFIA is finished

 Dear participants,

Summing up, 115 scientists from 21 countries participated in the 21st ICFIA. The conference program was really information-packed and included 14 keynote and 4 invited lectures, 34 regular oral, 10 lightning talk and 59 poster presentations.

Once again our congratulations to:

Elodie Mattio (The Best Lightning Talk)

Ana Machado (The Best Lightning Talk)

Kateřina Fikarová (The Best Poster Presentation)

Autchara Paukpol (The Best Poster Presentation)

Hayato Araki (The Best Poster Presentation)

Jantima Upan (The Best Poster Presentation)

Thania Alexandra Ferreira (The Best Poster Presentation)


Please, use this link to download photos from 21st ICFIA.


Thank you all for your contributions to the 21st ICFIA!

Looking forward to seeing you on 22nd ICFIA in Marseille!