Duangjai Nacapricha

Associate Professor

Mahidol University, Department of Chemistry

Tatiana B. Tennikova

Professor, Dr. Sci. (Chemistry)

Head of Interdisciplinary laboratory of biomedical chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, Saint Petersburg State University

Former Vice-Director of the Institute of Macromolecular Compounds Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg

Head of Laboratory of polymer sorbents and carriers for biotechnology and medicine

One of the first inventors of polymer monoliths

Gary Christian

Professor and Divisional Dean of Sciences Emeritus at the University of Washington in Seattle

Editor-in-Chief of Talanta  

Honorary doctorate degree Chiang Mai University



Marek Trojanowicz

Marek Trojanowicz up to 2014 was a full professor of Department of Chemistry, University of Warsaw, and Head of Laboratory for Flow Analysis and Chromatography

In years 1992-2004 he was Scientific Secretary of the Committee on Analytic Chemistry, of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Currently he is full professor in Laboratory of Nuclear Analytical Methods, in Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, in Warsaw, Poland

Elias Ayres Guidetti Zagatto

Full Professor  

Center for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture, University of S. Paulo, Piracicaba SP (Brazil)

Researcher at the Laboratory of Flow Analysis "Henrique Bergamim Filho"

Titular member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences


Víctor Cerdà

Professor, Dr. Sci. (Chemistry)  

Team leader of the Analytical Chemistry, Automation and Environment research group

Head of the Environmental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory of the University of the Balearic Islands

Member of the Advisory Board of the Spanish Society of Analytical Chemistry

Full Professor at the Chemistry Department of the University of the Balearic Islands

Paweł Kościelniak  

Full Professor and Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry at Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

Member of the Committee of Analytical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Science




 Toshihiko Imato

Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University

Chairman of Japanese Association for Flow Injection Analysis, Division of Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry




Spas D. Kolev

Professor at the University of Melbourne, Australia

Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute

Member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria

Member of the Membrane Society of Australia





Petr Solich

Professor and Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry at theFaculty of Pharmacy, Charles University, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Head of Analytical Chemistry Group

Vice-dean for strategic development and European funds


António Rangel

Professor, President of the Scientific Board at the Universida de Católica Portuguesa Escola Superior de Biotecnologia, Porto, Portugal

Member of the Direction Board of CBQF - Centro de Biotecnologia e Química Fina – Laboratório Associado.



Kate Grudpan

Professor,  Dr.

Director of Center of Excellence for Innovation in Analytical Science and Technology

Director of Cluster of Excellence on Biodiversity based Economy and Society

Head of Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Member of National Research Council of Thailand’s Committee for Health and Medical Sciences

Recently, The Thailand Research Fund’s Distinguished Research Professor Award with the Research on “Green Innovation in Chemical Analysis with Local Wisdom” (Local Issues-Global Impacts-Sustainable World) 


Jin-Ming Lin

Professor, Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China;

Distinguished Professor of Cheung Kung Scholars, Ministry of Education, China;

Director, Beijing Key Laboratory of Microanalytical Methods and Instrumentation;

Fellow of Royal Chemical Society;

General Secretary and deputy director of the Committee of Mass Spectrometry, Chinese Chemical Society;

Vice Chair of Analytical Chemistry Division, Chinese Chemical Society;

Vice President of Chinese Society of Mass Spectrometry;

Contributing editor of Trends of Analytical Chemistry, Associate Editors of Luminescence, Chinese Chemical Letters, and Journal Pharmaceutical Analysis;

Chair of Shanghai International Conference on Analytical Chemistry;


Vladimir Kuznetsov

Professor, Dr. Sci. (Chemistry)

Head of the Analytical Chemistry Department on Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia

Member of the editorial board of Journal of Analytical Chemistry

Member of the Scientific Council on Analytical Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences